Welcome to Montenegro

  The Republic of Montenegro is a stunningly beautiful country with a Mediterranean climate located in the south east of Europe between the Adriatic Sea to the south and the surrounding countries of Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Albania.
The country rises from the sea level of the Adriatic in the south to the high regions of Durmitor mountain in the north. There is a good boat connection with the Italian port of Bari from the Montenegrin port of Bar and if you prefer a plane in just one hour you can easily fly to the cities of Rome or Milan.
 The southern part of the country receives at least 8months of sunny and warm weather per year with temperatures in winter not usually dropping below 15degrees so you can expect even in February to sit on your terrace in a tshirt and have dinner. At the same time for just one hour of driving you can be in the middle of the snow capped mountains surrounded by sea.

The people of the country live a very tranquil life devoid of the common pressures and strains of western living and this fact alone makes the country an attractive choice for the many different nationalities seeking an escape and a better way of life

.Montenegro became an independent state on June 6th 2006 and since that time things have increasingly improved for the inhabitants of Montenegro. The world recognised the will of the Montenegrin people to change things for the better so with every new day their entrance to the European Union becomes an ever closer reality.

The capital city of Montenegro is Podgorica which is just 2hours from all southern towns such as Kotor, Budva, Bar, Tivat and Herce Novi.  With everyday Podgorica grows into a more beautiful and modern city.

Montenegro is a small country with a large number of artists, the majority being painters so all cities and towns have a great exhibition program as well as theatre performances such as Budva Grad Theatre, Herci Novi Movie Festival and Tivat Cultural Summer.

The most popular southernmost city is Kotor and the surrounding Kotor Bay area. Kotor Bay has a huge amount of cultural and historical monuments which are of great historical and cultural value and protected by UNESCO.
 In the past four years Kotor has attracted tourists from many countries but most notably from the UK, Ireland, Italy, Russia and the United States. Many investors are now also investing heavily for sale or rental returns and the market is now dominated by English operators.
With rumours of a large investment in the port of Tivat, budget airlines showing interest in new routes and concentrated outside media attention the country is only beginning to realise a part of its great potential.

We hope that you will visit Montenegro and discover all of her unspoiled beauty.

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